Wood To Energy

Forest restoration and protection is a critical focus area for the Endowment. Finding ways to facilitate “systemic, transformative and sustainable change for the health and vitality of the nation’s working forests” is explicit in our mission. Forest management practices such as forest thinning, clearing invasives and prepping forests for regeneration are imperative to forest health, restoration, and protection.

New and emerging forest product markets – such as locally sourced bioenergy and bioheat that use waste wood and thinnings as fuel – can help provide the incentive and support for sustainable forest management and restoration. In turn, forest restoration and sustainable management offer the raw materials needed for bio-based energy and heat markets.

Forests need sustainable management to remain healthy and vibrant, to offer healthy habitats for wildlife, and to mitigate the risk of devastating forest fires. Bio-fuel markets use forest residues, thinnings and other waste wood, byproducts of forest management practices, to create a revenue source for landowners and a means of forest restoration.

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