In 2021, the Endowment created the Forest Carbon Program in recognition of the increasing attention put on carbon in the forest sector. The program seeks to secure the sector’s leadership position in providing critical solutions to address the climate crisis.  The goal of the Endowment Forest Carbon Program is to invest in catalytic climate resiliency solutions that benefit forests, markets, and communities. 

The Endowment’s investments within this portfolio will prepare the sector to address the effects and implications of the changing climate by delivering the following impacts: 

  1. The health and resiliency of North American forests are enhanced to expand and safeguard the ability to store carbon.  
  2. Forest markets and products are advanced as carbon solutions.  
  3. Rural communities and landowners are valued as key participants in, and beneficiaries of, markets for carbon. 

Want to know more? Contact Brandon Walters at 864-233-7646 or for more information. 

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