Board of Directors

The Endowment is fortunate to be guided by a diverse and profoundly experienced volunteer Board of Directors: Thirteen hand-picked members who are unmatched in depth and breadth of relevant expertise and commitment.

John Cooper
College Station, TX

Rachel Jacobson
Washington, DC

Colin Moseley
Seattle, WA

Mark Emmerson
Redding, CA

Carlton Owen 
President & Secretary
Greenville, SC

James Farrell
Canadian Liaison
Chair, Audit Committee
Ottawa, Ontario

Kevin Schuyler
Charlottesville, VA

Jeffery Hearn
Raleigh, NC

Judith Stockdale
Chicago, IL

Jim Hoolihan
Grand Rapids, MN

Andrea Tuttle
Arcata, CA

Mark Reed
New York City, NY

Cris Stainbrook
Little Canada, MN

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