Building Resilience: Wealth Creation and Regional Readiness for a Regional Federal Commission

Preparing Communities for the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission

Event Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Event Time: 4 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET

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Federal resources to assist economically distressed communities are typically limited to those which are intended to address crisis situations. The lack of an institutional presence to make comprehensive investments in those strategies that can move an area from distress to resilience often results in a piecemeal approach to attaining economic lift. What resources do communities need to have available to be ready for economic development that prioritizes investments to stimulate growth and labor potential?

Community, Academic, Policy and Government leaders around the southeast have determined that a properly governed and programmatically structured regional federal commission can respond to this institutional gap in the region. How can a regional federal commission respond to the needs of areas of persistent poverty and the vulnerable people who live within their borders? There is no shortage of ideas around the south about what those who live, work and study in distressed communities believe is needed to bring relief to their communities. There are scores of success stories about the role that regional federal commissions have made in moving historically distressed communities to sustained economic resilience, which is what sets regional commissions apart from other line-item federal resources. People in the region only ask that the commission in the south is more responsive in its approach to addressing the needs of the region with ideas like participatory governance, community advisory roles and community capacity building support. They want to ensure that they can avail themselves of cutting-edge information to make their regions competitive in the global economy, including understanding the innovation potential of existing industry sectors and identifying the potential of market opportunities in emerging sectors. They want a regional federal commission that is a partner with them in their efforts to grow the economy and stabilize the people. 

On February 10, join us in this very important early conversation to welcome the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission to partner in moving the region from distress to resilience.

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