World Wetlands Day!

We at the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment) hope you will join us as we celebrate World Wetlands Day 2018!  This day is set aside as an annual celebration marking the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands signed February 2, 1971 in Ramsar, Iran.  World Wetlands Day is intended to raise awareness of the invaluable role wetlands play in our lives everyday. From habitats for a variety of fish and wildlife species, to natural filters of our drinking water and protection of shorelines against storms, wetlands serve vitally important roles for both people and the environment.  The Endowment applauds the efforts of public and private organizations around the world working tirelessly to protect these natural treasures. This year we want to especially express appreciation to our friends at Enviva and the many conservation partners in North Carolina and Virginia who are helping to make the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund part of the global wetland protection effort.  In just its first two years the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund has helped local partners advance seven projects that when completed will protect more than 10,000 acres of sensitive wetland forests.

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