Endowment Calls for Input on Focal Initiatives and Priorities

“If there is one thing the Endowment’s Board of Directors has been clear about it is the importance of focusing our work on a few truly important areas where, over the long-haul, we can make a difference in sustainable forestry and forest-reliant communities,” says Carlton Owen, President & CEO of the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities. The Board and staff conducted an intensive internal process to consider “strategic focal initiatives” to direct the organization’s work as it prepares to enter the programmatic implementation phase in 2008.

As part of its on-going due diligence process and in a desire to engage the broader community, the Endowment is implementing two steps. The first is a brief, confidential online survey to seek input from all interested parties. The results of that survey will be used to help target discussions of a tightly-focused national workshop of some two-dozen national experts. These two processes — the survey and the workshop — will feed into discussions that the Endowment’s Board will hold enroute to finalizing the focal initiatives work in early November.

If you wish to ensure that your views help form the basis of the November workshop and are considered by the Board, please take just a few moments to complete a confidential online survey prior to September 30. The online link will remain active until October 31, 2007.

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