Actions from June Board Meeting

The Endowment’s Board of Directors convened for its second in-person meeting June 17-19, 2007 — the site, Issaquah, Washington. In addition to taking a number of actions (summarized below), the Board and staff gained valuable insights into conservation issues in the Pacific Northwest. Outside presenters were: Court Stanley and Judd Kirk, Port Blakely Tree Farms/Communities; Gene Duvernoy, Cascades Land Conservancy; and Dr. Jim Agee, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington & Jeff Jones, American Forest Resources Company who led a tour of “eastside” forest health and regulatory issues. The Endowment is especially appreciative of Colin Moseley and Green Diamond Resources Company for a “Welcome to the Northwest” reception and to the people who spent a Father’s Day Sunday evening meeting our board and staff.

Among actions:

  • Adopted Vision & Mission statements (final on website)
  • Adopted Shared Values and Stewardship Principles
  • Adopted Investment Policy
  • The bulk of the session was spent in reviewing/discussing research and background materials developed in support of proposed focal initiatives. The Board opted not to finalize a decision on a strategic focus; instead deciding to complete additional due diligence prior to taking this important step that will set program direction for years to come. We anticipate that this process will be completed in early November and that full programmatic development and implementation will begin in early winter 2007/2008.

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