A Message from President and CEO Pete Madden Recognizing the Endowment’s 15th Anniversary

A Message from President and CEO Pete Madden Recognizing the Endowment’s 15th Anniversary

Dear Friends of the Endowment,

September 21st marks the Endowment’s 15th anniversary. What a journey it has been! We have been privileged to be part of many great programs that support the forest sector and benefit forest-rich communities. In a world filled with challenges, we believe now more than ever that forests provide many answers and opportunities, including economic rewards in rural communities, environmentally-friendly building materials, recreation and human health benefits, wildlife habitat, and clean air and water.  

The Endowment’s success is grounded in partnerships. This anniversary is as much about you as it is about the Endowment. We thank our partners, grantees, past and present board members and staff, and all those who have contributed to our growth and success over the last decade and a half. Together, we are meeting challenges and seizing opportunities that benefit the forest sector and rural communities.

Healthy, well-managed forests will help mitigate climate change and keep our drinking water clean and affordable.  Expanding markets for wood building materials will provide health, aesthetic, and climate benefits. Cellulosic nanofibers in everyday products will reduce carbon emissions and water use relative to traditional materials.  Forests near growing urban centers will furnish places to recreate and relax. And forest-rich communities will offer family-supporting jobs and opportunities for millions of landowners.

On behalf of our board and staff, I want to thank you for your encouragement, support, and partnership. We look forward to collaborating with you for years to come.


Pete Madden

President and CEO

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