The Status of and Opportunities for Business Clustering Within the Forest Products Sector in the U.S. (

This report is an overview of the status of and opportunities for business clustering within U.S. forest products and closely related natural resource-based sectors.   It reviews business cluster models adopted in the forest sector, explores partnerships among cluster entities, and examines policies, strategies and support mechanisms that could facilitate successful business clustering. Business Clustering Publications: […]

Considerations for Creating a National Conservation Easement Database

The Endowment convened a number of public and private conservation players as a follow-up to “Forest Conservation Easements:  Who’s Keeping Track?” (February 2008) in order to move forward with developing a conservation easement tracking system.  The report summarizes key needs to advance a common system. View PDF

The Status of Community-Based Forestry in the United States

Forests owned by municipalities, counties, or community-based nonprofit organizations are being used to drive economic development and forest conservation.  This report offers an assessment of community needs, the needs of supporting institutions, and the state of the current infrastructure for purchase of community forests. Community-Based Forestry (CBF) Publications: Full Report Report Appendices Community-Based Forestry Case […]

Commodity Check-off: Full Report

A comprehensive feasibility study and implementation options that examine the potential for unified or coordinated “check-off” programs for softwood lumber in the U.S. and Canada.   Check-offs – known as “research and promotion programs” operated under USDA authority–  allow commodity producers to jointly fund efforts to grow their respective markets.   View PDF

The Rural Compact

This report explores the “state-of-the-issue” of community resilience of rural, often forest-based communities in the U.S. and offers a framework for which those interested in collaboration can rally around. View PDF

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