Issues in the Forest

The Endowment and the National Association of State Foresters share an interest in advancing sustainable forestry in the U.S. The organizations collaborated on creating “Issues in the Forest” briefs intended to inform public dialogue on sustainable markets and forests. Issues in the Forest–Wood Pellets: Becoming a Primary Product (August 2011) Issues in the Forest–Torrefaction: A […]

Case Studies: Best-in-Class Wood-to-Energy Systems

The Endowment and USDA Forest Service  State & Private Forestry worked with, the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) to develop a  series of case studies illustrating the development and operational experiences of various community-scale facilities that employ biomass systems. The work includes a review of “best-in-class” applications in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Scandinavia. […]

Community Resilience and Wealth

Full Report Appendix A: Annotated List of Tools Appendix B: Selected Resilience Research, Projects, Networks, Centers and Foundation Activities Appendix C: A Review of the Historical Evolution and Meaning of the Concept of Resilience Appendix D: List of Interviewees

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