Florence Colby

Manager, Organizational Support

Florence Colby grew up in a farming community in Chester County, Pennsylvania. A country girl at heart, in 1980 she opted to escape harsh winters for the lure of the milder South Carolina climate. Once again she found herself in a rural area, settling in Belton, a small community a few miles from Greenville. She is heavily involved in her local Presbyterian Church where she teaches Youth Bible study. Her passion for youth has led her to service with a ministry team for more than four years at a local Boy’s home. She is Chairman of the Boy’s Home of the South’ spring fundraiser and a member of the golf committee. She also serves on her church’s leadership body — the Session. Before joining the Endowment she worked in the public relations department for Michelin North America for 15 years and for Brett Public Relations for another four. Married with one daughter and a grandson, Florence enjoys home remodeling projects, camping, reading and outdoor activities.

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