Restoration Fuels

The Restoration Fuels project is part of a larger portfolio of work and partnership between the Endowment and the U.S. Forest Service to identify and develop market-based solutions to the nation’s forest health crisis. This project is the culmination of this decade-long collaboration.

Restoration fuels is designed to advance technology and product commercialization efforts that support forest restoration and address the challenge of creating markets for low-value, small diameter biomass from wildfire reduction treatments.

“This project works to address one of the more challenging barriers to increasing the pace and scale of forest restoration in the west,” says Matt Krumenauer, Vice President – Special Projects at the Endowment. “When successful, this project has the potential to help reduce the risk of forest fires and increase forest health. We’re creating jobs in rural communities and providing valuable advancement of carbon products that can help support broader decarbonization and carbon sequestration needs.”

One of the Endowment’s projects in the Pacific Northwest is finding long-term, market-based solutions to help mitigate the effects of wildfire and prevent megafires: The Restoration Fuels biomass torrefaction plant currently being built in John Day, Oregon. 

The Endowment, along with its partners, is helping to reduce the risk of megafires and provide jobs in rural forest-based communities. The plant will use small diameter thinnings and waste wood materials coming from stewardship projects in national forests to produce a high carbon product that can provide decarbonization solutions and lead to long term carbon sequetration. Read more info here:

To learn more, contact Matt Krumenauer, Vice President – Special Projects,

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