Internship Program

As a not-for-profit public charity, the Endowment operates with one of the leanest staff structures of its peer group with the intent of maximizing financial investment in mission-related work on the ground. To augment staffing needs on an individual project and/or a short-term basis, we have instituted an on-going internship program to attract bright minds from the post-graduate community. We have designed this program to provide real and substantial benefits to interns as well as to the Endowment.

Meet our current intern:

Nomonde Gila of South Africa, graduated from Furman University in May of 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Spanish Language and Literature. During her time at Furman, Nomonde conducted research on the Hartness Development in South Carolina in order to assess community sustainability for planned new urban development, and obtain a greater understanding of how to achieve sustainability in the midst of rapid urbanization. She conducted field studies, as well as extensive research to build an assessment tool that defines a criteria and rating scale to help future developments become more sustainable. In February of 2019, she also gave a TedxTalk on the ‘Power of Educating African Girls’ at Furman University. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, spending time in South Africa, and being creative!

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