Forest Innovation Reviews (FIRz)

A forum for innovation about forests, forest management, forest products, and forest-rich communities

Forest Innovation Reviews (FIRz) is a forum for innovative ideas for solving some of today’s most significant challenges. The inaugural FIRz event will create a space for presenting well-formed ideas about forests, forest management, forest products and forest-rich communities, conveyed through short, powerful talks.

Some of the most innovative thinkers from around the world will gather for a day of breakthrough thinking and sharing about the biggest challenges — and potential solutions — that face forests and forest health. Then those ideas will be shared around the world via video. The presentation voted by FIRz attendees as “most likely to make a lasting difference” will be awarded $10,000.

The first FIRz symposium will take place at the University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources in Athens, Georgia on Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Submission Information:
Deadline for speaker nominations (self-nominations are welcome) is February 28, midnight EST. Submission should be sent by email to with the subject “FIRz Submission.” Submission should include a written abstract/concept overview of not more than 500 words along with a 2-minute video explaining the concept. (Videos do not need to be of high quality

For more information contact:

Carlton N. Owen
President & CEO

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